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Last Friday at Revival 1869 Featuring Travis Petersen

There is something new in town, to be more precise a resurgence of celebrating art, a revival if you will. Last Friday in Clayton is an experience created by Canopy and is the brain child of Brad Stoneking and Dan Barbour. What they’re doing is pretty cool, you should check them out. When you bring artists and people who love art together, over a glass of whiskey and cocktails, wine, or craft beer, the experience and energy is just¬†unlike anything else. This week one of the featured artists was local artist Travis Petersen of Savage Bear Studios. If you’re not following him on Facebook you’re going to want to do that soon. Tonight’s drink is the “Savage Bear” a very tasty cocktail made in honor of artist Travis Petersen and created by Revival 1869¬†bar manager, Zack Thomas. Check it out, maybe next time I’ll see you there. Thank you!

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Appaloosa Festival

My first Appaloosa Festival was INTENSE! I was fortunate to be able to assist with social media at this most recent Appaloosa Festival. The location is the picturesque Front Royal, Virginia, high atop the Appalachian Mountains.

Deep River’s Jorts in July & Axe Throwing Day

I made it to my first Jorts in July event down at Deep River Brewing Company. Over the last year I feel like I’ve really gotten to know a lot of people here.