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Appaloosa Festival

My first Appaloosa Festival was INTENSE! I was fortunate to be able to assist with social media at this most recent Appaloosa Festival. The location is the picturesque Front Royal, Virginia, high atop the Appalachian Mountains. The first day was by far the toughest, mentally. Day two was challenging, but physically.

I, like a dolt, packed my socks but left my boots so I wore flip flops all weekend. When I arrived back at my hotel, after 12 or so hours at the festival, naturally I climbed into bed. My wife immediately scolded me to take my dirty, filthy, nasty feet out of the bed! I laughed and blurted out that this is called “Festival Feet” and it’s a badge of honor, LOL! My wife didn’t find this amusing, but she did start the shower for me.

What I like most about Appaloosa Festival is ALL the people. It was so great to see everyone laughing, loving, and spending time together. I made so many new friends and everyone was so nice and kind. I feel like I left a small part of myself there. I did manage to capture a few photos, I’ll let them do the talking from here on out. Thank you, please like, share and comment!


Appaloosa is alive. The stage is the heart.


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