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Clayton St. Baldrick’s Day

As the hair fell the money raised rose! This was my first time attending a St. Baldrick’s Day event, it was pretty cool to experience it with my friends here in town. For those of you that don’t know, cancer has touched my life personally. I lost my mother on her second bout in 2006, and my niece beat leukemia (take that cancer!) Supporting cancer research to end the scourge of this disease is something near and dear to my heart. Today at Deep River Brewery Clayton St. Baldrick’s¬†and their participants¬†raised an enormous amount of money for the cause, at the time this was written right at $64,000! Next year I hope to see larger crowds (Deep River was packed btw) and larger funds raised! I will be attending again, great cause. Thank you, please share, comment, and enjoy!

That face you make when you’ve single handedly raise over $600 to fight cancer!

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Appaloosa Festival

My first Appaloosa Festival was INTENSE! I was fortunate to be able to assist with social media at this most recent Appaloosa Festival. The location is the picturesque Front Royal, Virginia, high atop the Appalachian Mountains.

Deep River’s Jorts in July & Axe Throwing Day

I made it to my first Jorts in July event down at Deep River Brewing Company. Over the last year I feel like I’ve really gotten to know a lot of people here.