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North Carolina Museum of Art

First, I’d like to say to whomever is responsible for the lighting at the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA), you and your team have done a wonderful job! This morning we traveled to the NCMA for our daughter’s home school’s group gathering and to check out the works of an American icon, Ansel Adams. Currently, in 3rd grade art we’re studying Renaissance artists so it was nice to catch the Glory of Venice: Renaissance Paintings 1470–1520 exhibit. While photography is not allowed in the Ansel Adams exhibit, everywhere else, unless otherwise marked, was good to go.

So, the lighting was perfect and I was able to capture some pretty nice shots of the museum. I highly recommend enjoying a coffee or even lunch at their restaurant; eat light – art is for desert! I look forward to taking the family again. Thank you; please comment, share and enjoy the photos.



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