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Third Annual Relay For Life Golf Tournament

It was a pleasure to capture the Third Annual Relay For Life Golf Tournament, hosted by Double Barley Brewing. The event was held at the immaculate The Neuse Golf Club, a picturesque course here in sunny Clayton, NC. I must admit this was only my second time on a golf course so it was pretty awesome but being able to spend that time with the Double Barley crew was pretty cool. They are an awesome group of people and will have you laughing until sides hurt. If you have the chance I recommend swinging down to their taproom and enjoy some of their fine craft beers! I hope you enjoy the shots, please comment and share. Thank you.


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301 Endless Yard Sale

This past weekend was not only Father’s Day but also the 5th annual 301 endless Yard Sale!

The Second Annual Mondo Roots Cultural Arts and Music Festival

What can I say, other than how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to capture the second annual Mondo Roots Cultural Arts and Music Festival.