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Beer 101 with Tansey Reviews at The Flipside

I love a good beer, heck I love the occasional bad beer also! I saw a post on Facebook from our friends over at TanseyReviews.com advertising a beer 101 course; so I said to myself  “Self. Yes? Let’s improve our beer IQ, support a pal, and gather materials for a sweet new journal entry!” So I drove down to The Flipside, bought myself a ticket and the rest is history. I’m going to be honest, I was not a fan of four of these beers. Although the last two beers, the Steak Cake Stout and sour beer are on my “To-Drink-Again” list. I’ve got to remember to #AskTansey what that sour beer was when I see him next. Take a look for yourself and leave your thoughts below.

The Beer Line-up

And everything else

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