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Latte and Pinot Noir at Grapes and Grounds

I found the place! I’ve heard so many great things about Grapes & Grounds and finally during a short photo walk through downtown Smithfield, North Carolina we found it! Grapes & Grounds is located on 3rd street next door to the cinema, directly across the street from SoDoSoPa. I always wrestle with the decision to get a “Black Eye” or a Latte. I’m a purest and espresso lover, I like it black with no sugar and will take cream from time to time.

I always wrestle with the decision to get the “Black Eye” or a Latte.

The gentleman at the counter mentioned he too loved espresso and that his was a special blend he’s made himself. I then immediately ordered the Latte, I was intrigued. My wife had the Pinot Noir. Yes at 9:15 am, it’s how we photo walk. Let me tell you his blend is like no other I’ve tasted anywhere. It was smooth and creamy, low on acidity; overall I was blown away. So, we had the grapes and the we had the grounds, and we hope you will too. Thank you, please share and enjoy.


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